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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a mentor?
Your most important asset is time. Money comes and goes but time is constantly being used up. Mentors allow you to progress your work faster through advice and encouragement.
They provide a perspective that only comes with experience, and instil a belief in yourself that will minimise failure and increase learning.
How are the rates determined?
We believe that everyone's time is valuable, however people value their time differently. As such, the mentors choose their hourly rate themselves.
We suggest keeping it as low as possible while still being worth the mentor's time.
Are there service fees?
Dunnit covers our various processing costs through a one off 15% fee included in the rate shown.
How long will the call go for?
Dunnit sessions aim to invoke conversations that are relaxed and have the freedom to get deep into a problem. Hence why we do charge sessions charged by the minute.
Dunnit sessions are charged as a full hour, and while it is not enforced, should wrap up around that time.
How do I prepare for my call?
The better prepared you are, the more you will get out of the call.
Know your mentors strengths and skills that you aspire to possess. Write down some questions that you would like answers to (but don't always stick to the script, as any interviewer will attest that the best information comes from real conversation).
Can I reschedule or cancel?
Changes to your call can be made up to 24 hours before scheduled time.
Any cancellations 24 hours before the call time will be refunded minus the service fee.
No changes or refunds will be given to cancellations within 24 hours of scheduled time.
What questions can I ask?
The best part about having your own mentor is asking questions specific to you. So go nuts.
Be honest with the problems you need to solve now. Looking too far ahead into the future won't be as helpful.
Above all, be respectful. Don't ask questions you wouldn't want to be asked or be pushy.
Why do I pay up front?
Payment authorisation is taken when requesting a session however, should the mentor decline or not reply within 48 hours, your payment will be returned in full.
We hold the payment in escrow and payment to the mentor only occurs once a session is confirmed and completed.
This payment assures both parties are committed and invested.
How do I know the mentor can help?
We require you to write a message to the mentor at the time of request stating what your specific need, problem or situation is.
You will either receive a positive reply and confirmation or, if the mentor believes that she/he cannot help you, it will be declined.
We refund all declined requests in full.
Where do I sign up?
Dunnit is currently in pilot stage, meaning we are only accepting mentors that meet a standard of professionalism.
If you are confident in your skill level and are interested please click the button in the footer and fill out your details. We will email you back shortly after to arrange a conversation of our own.
How much time do I have to commit?
As much or as little as you like.
Some mentors see Dunnit as a way to make some extra money coaching the creatives of tomorrow and will give more time.
Others just like to use it to give back to their industry and donate their money to charity a couple of times a month.
Whichever you are, that's fine with us! We just want to provide an efficient and socially beneficial avenue to give back online.
How do I determine my rate?
You have the freedom to charge what you see fit.
We believe that your time should definitely have a value on it, but not as great as it would for a business client.
Just think how much your younger self would have paid to have spoken to someone where you are now.

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